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AAAA “Couch Auction Etiquette” Test

The American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) strives to ensure that those participating in couch auctions are as informed as possible. Beyond clearly stated rules and bylaws, there exists an[…]

American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) Certification Test

About to enter your first couch auction? What about returning to the couch auction scene? No matter your situation, it’s best to ensure that you are following guidelines established long ago by the American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA for short). Take the 10 question ‘Certification Test’ below to see if you follow AAAA Guidelines…
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American Auctioneering Assn. of America Certification Quiz

Are YOU ready to test your Couch Auction knowledge and see if you are “AAAA” certified? Take the quiz below and see how your skills compare to the AAAA Standards!

Couch Auction Glossary Addition: #TTM

Good morning fellow trolls, frugal furniture hunters, and couch enthusiasts alike!  Today, we are introducing something that we will be doing semi-regularly, which is introducing new “terms” to our ‘Couch Auction Glossary’. No, the physical glossary has not been created yet, but why not get a start on it now? Thus, as a way to…
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Re-Welcome to, Updated “Unwritten Rules” on “Snitching”

Good morning, afternoon, evening, late evening, to trolls, furniture hunters, couch enthusiasts, and anything of the sort, all around the world. We are (once again) declaring that we are “BACK” on this site. Yes.  We know that this has been said numerous times by us.  But we REALLY mean it this time.   We even updated…
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Our Role in the Couch Auction Movement

    Good morning fellow trolls.  Thank you for visiting, home of the American Auctioneering Association of America Approved Couch Pimps. We have a diverse audience when it comes to experience with Couch Auctions; as some are seasoned veterans, whereas some are rookies who have only recently heard of the ‘Couch Auction’. Because of…
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What is a ‘Couch Auction’?

Unclear-yet-Humble Beginnings Although ‘Couch Auctions’ have been around for a good bit of time, the idea of having Facebook groups devoted solely to them didn’t really begin until late November/December of 2017.  These groups were filled with fellow furniture hunters who, upon sharing a Facebook Live stream, would begin asking unsuspecting hosts about a fictional…
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