Our Role in the Couch Auction Movement

    Good morning fellow trolls.  Thank you for visiting CouchAuction.org, home of the American Auctioneering Association of America Approved Couch Pimps. We have a …

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Good morning fellow trolls.  Thank you for visiting CouchAuction.org, home of the American Auctioneering Association of America Approved Couch Pimps.

We have a diverse audience when it comes to experience with Couch Auctions; as some are seasoned veterans, whereas some are rookies who have only recently heard of the ‘Couch Auction’.

Because of this, let me take a few moments to explain our history, who we are, and why we do what we do.

First and foremost, let me address the basic premise of the Couch Auction.

As most of us already know the basic ‘rules’ of the Couch Auction, I will not get into huge details with this.  (Check out our post on ‘Unwritten Rules’ http://couchpimps.com/couch-auction-unwritten-rules/ )

What I WILL do, however, is explain what OUR ROLE in the movement is.

Quite simply, we are one of the earliest groups devoted solely to Couch Auctions.  Called the ‘Couch Pimps’ and living in the cloak of Facebook ‘Secret’ Groups, our page amassed roughly 1,800+ trolls who at one point or another were active in the hunt for affordable furniture.

We never have and never will claim to be the founders of Couch Auctions; we simply changed the game.

As trolls who do not mind judgment from others regarding our lifestyle choices, we would often times inundate the “Video Invite” button on the live video, all in hopes of joining the stream, insulting the host to their face, and getting a “shoe-on-head”.  We did not care if people knew our first and last names; all we were doing was asking for a couch.

Along with public appearances in live couch auctions (often times with costumes), we also took to other Facebook features.  Groups, Public Pages, Individual Profiles; you name it.  We found a way to integrate the Couch Auction into non-live streams as well.

Not to mention, we were the first YouTube Channel exclusively devoted to Couch Auctions.

Our roles in the Couch Auction movement is complicated.  We acknowledge that the peak of these ‘Auctions’ is over.  We also understand that, as a troll group, we are only just beginning.

Our “Couch Team Six” Group Chat, which includes the Admins, mods, and founding members, made a decision to take our efforts to a PUBLIC page, where we would share our past, discuss the present, and plan for the trolling future.

This coincided with the breakthrough of the NPC Movement, causing us to forge a great friendship with www.npcdaily.com.

Now?  We hope to grow as a GENERAL PLATFORM for trolls EVERYWHERE.  Between Zucking, Twitter Bans, Reddit bans, and almost every other social media platform rejecting us, enough was enough.  We hope this page grows as a community for TROLLING of ALL TYPES.

(We do not take strong political stances.  However, considering the state of affairs with a one-sided MSM, it is hard to NOT seem that way.)

So be sure to sign up on our Disqus comments below AND our Message Boards at the top menu.  Be sure to also check out our YouTube Channel and Videos at the top menu also.  Subscribing to our channel helps our movement greatly, as do page views on our website.

Finally, if you would like to be a part of the ‘Closed’ Group on Facebook, please click the ‘Visit Group’ button on our Public Page (link at top Menu also).  This is where we actually carry-out our trolling plans that were crafted by TT6.  You can use this page OR the private message page to send REQUESTS for possible troll targets.

Have a great weekend, trolls.  Remember to spread the word of our movement and subscribe to our channel!