Our ‘A’-Political Views

Our ‘A’-Political Views

Good Sunday afternoon, fellow trolls.  It’s been about a week since we’ve last posted on the site, which is still in its infancy.  If you have not signed up for our Zuck/Jack free Message Boards, be sure to do so!

Today, however, I’m going to discuss the political views; or lack thereof, that the Couch Pimps adhere to.

A good troll usually NEVER reveals their political leanings or identity.  Over the past few years with the technological advancements of social media, smartphones, etc., it seems as though trolls are involved in politics, unlike any time we’ve seen in our history.

Truth be told, we do NOT have a consensus set of political ideologies or views.  This would be too hard to identify among such a wide variety of trolls with vast life experience.

In a general sense, people tend to agree more than they disagree.  The Mainstream Media exacerbation of civil strife has, on the surface, given the illusion of a ‘culture war’ between “Democrats and Republicans”.

Ultimately, if we learned anything from the 2016 Election and Primary Season, it’s the power of PEOPLE when they are relatively unified.  The voting bases of Trump and Bernie Sanders; despite the seemingly large gap of differences, actually had a LOT in common.

Both were populist campaigns fueled by social media bursts created by their supporters.  Some ideologies were certainly unorthodox, but undoubtedly the anti-TPP, nationalistic fervor was espoused from both bases.

Ever since Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary, a majority of his base had abandoned him, flocking to either Trump or a 3rd Party candidate, or sometimes even refusing to vote.  Hillary represented the antithesis of what both bases DESPISED; and that was the global, do-nothing establishment, that got richer as those who were hostage to their corruption suffered as a result.

With this ALL being said, it is clear that the role of “trolls” is different.  Trolls must be ‘anti-establishment’, with political ideology being something controlled by the…….wait for it…….United States Constitution!!

Being that we are in a 21st Century, developed, modern country, issues seem to have better resolutions when we have a dialogue about them.  The “Outrage Culture” created by the MSM, coupled with billionaire-funded protest and hate groups, has gotten in the way of this.

Debates about ideology and viewpoints can be had later, certainly.  But for now, we know who the ACTUAL source of division is.

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