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Introducing Couch Pimps “Sportsball”

Good evening to trolls of all types all around the world! We are excited to bring everyone a quick announcement regarding a new ‘addition’ to our troll repertoire: Couch Pimps “Sportsball”. In what will be a new ‘section’ of our site located in the top menu, the “Sportsball” page will be used for exactly what…
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American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) Certification Test

About to enter your first couch auction? What about returning to the couch auction scene? No matter your situation, it’s best to ensure that you are following guidelines established long ago by the American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA for short). Take the 10 question ‘Certification Test’ below to see if you follow AAAA Guidelines…
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“The Road Ahead” (2021 + Beyond)

GOOD EVENING (or whatever time you find yourself reading this) to our troll friends from across the world! It’s been a WHILE since we last posted, but we assure you that there has been a lot going on “behind the scenes”. This won’t be that long, but we would like to ‘officially’ unveil our future…
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#NPC Twitter Compilation

Huge, huge shout out to r/the_donald, 4chan, and whoever else made the #NPC possible. We had nothing to do with the creation of the movement, but gladly … source

"That Vegan Teacher" Comp. #2

This woman is such a gold mine of clips and her Instagram account is updated frequently. Expect a lot more of these! source

BOOMER Special

Nearly 2 hours of any and all clips involving, Boomers, things Boomers like, and so much more!! source