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American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) Certification Test

About to enter your first couch auction? What about returning to the couch auction scene? No matter your situation, it's best to...

Couch Pimps Furniture Quiz

“The Road Ahead” (2021 + Beyond)

GOOD EVENING (or whatever time you find yourself reading this) to our troll friends from across the world! It's been a WHILE since...

#NPC Twitter Compilation

Huge, huge shout out to r/the_donald, 4chan, and whoever else made the #NPC possible. We had nothing to do with the creation of the...


On one quiet and cold Christmas night, AJ decided to bring the heat to this couch auction. Although short, the "Hoe-off" is a lesson...

Extended Elaine Goldschmidt Tribute

The Queen who was kicked off of Twitter at the hands of antisemitic trolls certainly made an impact on some people. Listen carefully to...

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