“That Vegan Teacher” Compilation

For those who haven’t seen “That Vegan Teacher” on social media somewhere, you really are missing out.


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  • She does realize if she makes fast food places like McDonald's and wendys etc
    that they will prob go out of business and people would love there fav restaurant

  • Whyd she bring racism into veganism. Yea i eat meat but still get upset when animals die but you know i dont want to be mal nourished for the soul reason that im a child and children should be healthy and eat most everything not just vegetables

  • As someone who is vegetarian and is leaning forwards being vegan,she is so annoying and wrong in so many ways you can enjoy eating meat and you shouldn't be bashed for it

  • Why would I change my religion? It’s not that simple! And a lot of religions (not all, there are probably many that I don’t know about and I know that) that give you that choice to be vegan, but it’s not as simple as just walking out of one building into another ( like she makes it seem).

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