“That Vegan Teacher” Compilation

“That Vegan Teacher” Compilation

For those who haven’t seen “That Vegan Teacher” on social media somewhere, you really are missing out.


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  1. Janfuts says:

    1:33 isn’t a cow raped for that dipping shit?

  2. Plont says:

    She does realize if she makes fast food places like McDonald's and wendys etc
    that they will prob go out of business and people would love there fav restaurant

  3. Ok but wth your telling me to change my religion because of a diet. The hell?

  4. FoxJarvis says:

    Whyd she bring racism into veganism. Yea i eat meat but still get upset when animals die but you know i dont want to be mal nourished for the soul reason that im a child and children should be healthy and eat most everything not just vegetables

  5. Cornona Time says:

    Woah… She freaking compared religion to underwear??? Wtf

  6. Lil Cheeto says:

    3:10 she’s really tryna be hip and funny 🤦‍♂️

  7. Ëłëvëñ says:

    Hold up hold up hold up she went from talking about a person to animals-

  8. ratSoup says:

    As someone who is vegetarian and is leaning forwards being vegan,she is so annoying and wrong in so many ways you can enjoy eating meat and you shouldn't be bashed for it

  9. Melody Duran says:

    Lol I'm eating cookies and cream ice cream..


  11. She made people l know cry about there religion

  12. The vegan teacher sucks it is like she is forcing us to do stuff

  13. Lives in Vancouver. Typical.

  14. Max McPhee says:

    Who laughed when she said change your religion

  15. What does crying about death help the person who is dead?I mean at least make sense when you say things

  16. 1:12
    yea ill change my religon everday

  17. DailyViolet says:

    Trust me karen, those documentaries make farming look worse than it actually is

  18. The two dislikes are that vegan teacher and that vegan teacher on another account

  19. "you forget to eat your mushrooms and drink your wheatgrass", advice from a professional vegan.

  20. Why would I change my religion? It’s not that simple! And a lot of religions (not all, there are probably many that I don’t know about and I know that) that give you that choice to be vegan, but it’s not as simple as just walking out of one building into another ( like she makes it seem).

  21. E-STAUF says:

    This lady is so racist she directly compared animal cruelty to slavery

  22. disliked this video; not cuz i hate this video because i hate THATVEGANTEACHER!!!

  23. Luca Sedcole says:

    I really hate her

  24. rustyboi says:

    1:59 no thank you mam I don't want a carrot that you haVE LITERALLY BEEN SUCKING ON!!!!!!!

  25. rustyboi says:

    I'm going to McDonald's anyone want anything

  26. Baby Yoda says:


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