The American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) strives to ensure that those participating in couch auctions are as informed as possible. Beyond clearly stated rules and bylaws, there exists an “etiquette” to couch auctions that is important to understand. Thus, we have created a “quiz” that will put your knowledge of this to the test with our “AAAA Couch Auction Etiquette Test”. Follow the instructions below to see if your understanding of the “ins and outs” of couch auctions is up to par with what the American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) expects!

Any score above an 80% will include a certificate that acknowledges your prowess in the world of furniture hunting. A treasure in the eyes of hiring managers and job recruiters alike, this certificate ensures you are performing up to the high expectations set out by the AAAA. Anything below will be considered a “Failing” grade, with the opportunity to retake as many times as you want.

Best of luck everyone!

Welcome to your AAAA "Couch Auction Etiquette" Test