Couch Auction Glossary Addition: #TTM

Couch Auction Glossary Addition: #TTM

Good morning fellow trolls, frugal furniture hunters, and couch enthusiasts alike!  Today, we are introducing something that we will be doing semi-regularly, which is introducing new “terms” to our ‘Couch Auction Glossary’.

No, the physical glossary has not been created yet, but why not get a start on it now?

Thus, as a way to introduce this concept, we will review perhaps the MOST important term in our repertoire: #TTM.

Let’s break this Hashtag Acronym down step-by-step, shall we?


T = Talk

T = To

M = Me


Quite simply, this is a hashtag used by Facebook Live hosts who were looking for people to ‘talk to’.

‘Talk to’, of course, has a wide range of connotations–from actually having a productive dialogue to exchanging pictures of feet–it is never EXACTLY clear what these hosts are looking for….

…..but whatever it is that they are looking for, Couch Auction groups have GLADLY helped them spread their message.

#TTM Videos are easily the most-shared ‘auctions’ we have, usually involving someone who comes from ‘the streets’ and is of really any race.

In our infancy, people would often times struggle to find “search terms” to look for live videos.  It was only until the discovery of such a hashtag-acronym, were couch auctions able to take the next “step” in greatness.


Everyone who has ever posted a video with #TTM as the description: we salute you.

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