American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA) Certification Test

About to enter your first couch auction? What about returning to the couch auction scene? No matter your situation, it’s best to ensure that you are following guidelines established long ago by the American Auctioneering Association of America (AAAA for short). Take the 10 question ‘Certification Test’ below to see if you follow AAAA Guidelines…
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“That Vegan Teacher” Compilation

For those who haven’t seen “That Vegan Teacher” on social media somewhere, you really are missing out. source

What is a ‘Couch Auction’?

Unclear-yet-Humble Beginnings Although ‘Couch Auctions’ have been around for a good bit of time, the idea of having Facebook groups devoted solely to them didn’t really begin until late November/December of 2017.  These groups were filled with fellow furniture hunters who, upon sharing a Facebook Live stream, would begin asking unsuspecting hosts about a fictional…
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