A Message to Our Earliest Fans: The Road Ahead

Good evening, morning, afternoon, night, dusk, dawn, or whatever greeting is applicable to when you read this! We haven’t posted in a little bit, but …

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Good evening, morning, afternoon, night, dusk, dawn, or whatever greeting is applicable to when you read this! We haven’t posted in a little bit, but hopefully this not only explains WHY, but gives everyone some insight into the ‘road ahead’. Let’s not waste any time!

What Have We Been Up To?

A quick glance at our homepage should give you a general idea of what’s been going on, as things have gotten increasingly ‘political’ over the past year+. Politics, especially in today’s climate, is something that turns many people away almost instantly. Everything we see around us seemingly has some sort of political undertone or message associated with it, making the topic almost unavoidable. Point being, Politics are quite tiresome.

With all of that being said…….you have to keep in mind that 2020 is a United States Presidential Election Year. While this explains the rather-unavoidable inundation of politics in our world, it also is the location of a ‘battleground’ for an ongoing war:

The Meme/Culture War

Being that our group was not assembled until the Couch Auction Era of late 2017, we were unable to ‘participate’ in the first edition of the Meme War: Meme War I. Trolls against the Elites; to put it quite, quite, lightly.

Both Political parties in America have proven to be exceptionally incompetent, so we will take shots at BOTH ‘sides’ equally. We hope our readers/followers/trolls can think outside the realm of partisan politics…….which will be our focus for the duration of ‘Meme War II’.

We loudly made our presence known with the creation of the most powerful force against ‘antisemitism’ in the world; Elaine Goldschmidt, which sent shockwaves throughout CNN and other media outlets alike. Our goal is to ‘expose’ the very mechanisms we used to take for granted, to help people think more clearly for THEMSELVES.


‘Rough’ Timeline of Things Ahead

As mentioned before, the United States 2020 Presidential Election is the current focus of not only our page, but almost everyone in the country; whether they want it to be or not. This will continue our focus throughout November, including the MSM fails, Journalist partisanship, cringe takes, and other related things.

While we encourage everyone to participate in the age-old traditions in our Private Facebook Group, Admins will have their hands tied for many personal requests (Justice Raids) and lighthearted gags.

Couch Auctions are still routinely shared nearly every 5-10 minutes in our group, so you can still get your frugal furniture even as we’re preoccupied. We may even make some appearances or host some organized raids in the meantime.

Post-Election Plans

Last thing for us today includes what we plan on doing AFTER the election. While we won’t completely abandon the ‘monitoring’ of domestic and international politics, the focus will shift BACK to our ‘bread and butter’: Couch Auctions, Justice Raids, 1 Star Review, Group Raids, etc.

We are working on separate platforms behind-the-scenes to ensure our RETURN to the ‘old days’ is smooth and uninterrupted by ol’ Zuck, so be sure to check the site and our Facebook group for any updates on this particular front.

A few people have also asked if the ‘Original Couch Pimps’ are still in operation of the site. Without giving away too much information or self-doxing, you can be rest-assured that, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

HOW can I forget ‘Ms. Jon Lesbian’???

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