‘WWII Lesson Kit’ Breakdown: Part One

Good evening to our ‘fellow trolls’ from around the world! We hope everyone is safe during this time of VERY ORGANIC rallies and riots and watch out for the big bad ‘White Supremacists’ who are tearing apart cities. Interestingly enough, however, we do have some legislative action that has occurred during the riots. What could that possibly be?

Thankfully in this time of faux outrage, media and Blue Checkmark directed violence, calls for Jewish Professors with ‘Egyptology’ Degrees giving advice on how to tear down ‘obelisks’, and other craziness, our students in America are FINALLY given an education on the Holocaust!

You can’t make this shit up

The joking about it doesn’t even sound funny anymore. EVERYONE knows that the Holocaust is taught at a young age and ad nauseum. We won’t even get into the particular inadequacies of the absurd stories told from the event: but let’s discuss the ‘rhetoric’ of the situation.

Think about ANY important historical event around the world. Then think about the legislation behind FORCING people to teach about it. Not to mention the criminalization of ‘denial’ of the event in Europe, which can be boiled down to something as simple as questioning the wildly inaccurate death total. Now think about WHY the United States is mandating legislation of an event that they a. had NO part in and b. is taught ad nauseum already in schools?

The above is a PDF from an official US Government site, which is highly worth a read when you have time for a good and lengthy laugh. Below are some key points from the legislation. Read that last point carefully.

Math is certainly not my strong suit, but let’s run through an exercise. Let’s say the Act is ONLY for PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS in the United States (high school grades), which number at approximately 24,000 across the country. When that total allocation of $10 million gets split among the schools, you are looking roughly $416.67 PER SCHOOL for said materials. Don’t forget that the total gets spread across FIVE Years; making the total about $83.33 PER YEAR PER SCHOOL. Public high schools in America also range from 100 kids in the school to 5,000+ and everything in-between, making the aforementioned $83.33 literally useless. Considering the massive size of such a program, you can only imagine schools will have struggles with receiving their ‘share’. Simply put: this bill is USELESS from a POV of this gaining any sort of ‘steam’.

“Teaching History With the National WWII Museum”

The ‘Never Again Education Act’ will be guided by programs from the ‘Holocaust Museum’ (in DC) and ‘WWII Museum’ (in New Orleans). Luckily enough, we were able to get our hands on a ‘Teaching History With the National WWII Museum” kit through the LOVELY state of Maryland, whose education system is embarrassing when compared to its mid-Atlantic neighbors. To avoid throwing any specific members of the MD Education system under the bus due to lack of public exposure (would essentially be doxing, which isn’t cool for people following orders), let’s just say that a ‘fly on the wall’ informed us that ‘people from the state’ want KINDERGARTENERS to learn about the Holocaust. If you live in the state of Maryland, we implore you to ask your kids/think to yourself about WHEN you learned about the Holocaust.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that the state forced each county to have a representative with the ‘National WWII Museum’ who was forced to attend a ‘seminar’. Let’s also assume hypothetically, that these reps. were sent home with TEACHER KITS for a possible Holocaust unit. Let’s also assume, hypothetically, that there are 4 ‘volumes’ of the teaching kit that covers different parts of the war. Hypothetically speaking still, let’s say these people were sent home with the one ‘volume’ that focused on ‘liberation from the Holocaust’.

Sounds ridiculous that the company wouldn’t hand out the first ‘volume’ and try to build interest for the next, no? Unless……you know……..there was some type of ulterior motive associated with the gift. We were speaking hypothetically, though. They wouldn’t actually do that.

Volume 4: Liberation and Legacy

Why would it be so ridiculous for the WWII Museum to hand out the LAST volume of their 4 part series? When unpacking the materials and links that came along with such a kit, a strange and harrowing pattern begins to form. Let’s start off with the basics of the ‘kit’.

This is what the ‘kit’ looks like. This photo was taken from their actual website and is the exact same ‘kit’ we have our hands on. We can’t possibly hit EVERYTHING today, but we will run through the ‘essentials’ of it today.

Let’s begin with a Glossary they have provided for us:

Hmm. Interesting choice of terms here. There is no documented evidence of the first term, either. But hey…..we won’t spend this post nitpicking the historical inaccuracies.

The use of ‘Nazi’ shows a bias and lack of professionalism from a Museum devoted to the cause.

Of course you have to include this photo, which has been “debunked” and “exposed” for being displayed out-of-context.

The choice to use Eva Schloss was a poor one with the information that was available at the time. It looks even worse when you have the benefit of hindsight:

It can’t get any worse than Eva Schloss’ credibility……can it? Of course it can. Let’s look at the example used in context: the Buchenwald Concentration camp.

In a matter of several Google Searches and Twitter dives, we have debunked several key claims made by the WWII Museum and their “Teacher’s Kit”. At least we are speaking hypothetically. How much more ridiculous can this ‘kit’ get?

Ummmm……..what does the Civil Rights Movement have anything to do with WWII? Methinks some foul play is amok.

Once again……nothing to do with WWII. Telling pictorial inclusion, though.

An interesting section on the U.N and IMF….

A post-war timeline. Unbiased, of course. I think you get the ‘picture’. We will break down the individual elements on a later date, but want to wrap up Part One with perhaps the MOST EGREGIOUS part

‘Simulations’ and ‘Discussion Questions’

The aforementioned smut is to be expected, with nothing THAT verbose. It’s when you look at their ONLINE resources, is when you start to question the sanity of those behind this. The link below will take you to the online home of the propaganda collection.


There is one particular ‘What would you do’ scenario that is blocked by necessary account access. We went ahead and downloaded the video so you don’t have to, but take a look at this. We will hold our observations until after.

There’s a lot going on in that video, so let’s run through WTF just happened:

1. That story sounds like a 100% Fabrication. I tried searching for the occurrence and found nothing.

2. US Soldiers weren’t aware of said ‘concentration camps’, excluding the fabrications told about each of the camps.

3. This isn’t even a discussion question. You enlist in the US Army, you follow your orders.

4. The precedent set by varying answers of the discussion question is pretty frightening, especially considering the liberal use of the term ‘Nazi’ to mean literally anyone who criticizes Judaism or the Holocaust.

5. If the event didn’t happen, lacked proper historical context, and was a ‘discussion question’ that dichotomized ‘insubordination’ and ‘following military commands’, what could POSSIBLY be the point of it?

It’s always a “Cohen-cidence”, isn’t it? If the poor sarcasm that I attempted to display throughout the post somehow landed, then I will say that this was exactly what happened in the state of Maryland and others who had teachers attend the “Professional Development” sessions hosted by the WWII Museum and their partners at the Holocaust Museum.

I share this ‘kit’ with you today as possible foreshadowing for what your kids/you MAY be learning. The hilarious falsehoods of the Concentration Camps and fake stories are blatant. The fact that states and countries outlaw criticism of Israel and the Holocaust is telling and silly. A child learning about the Holocaust at “kindergarten age”, as I VERBATIM heard, will turn them away from believing it. These reasons together aren’t enough to warrant complete exposure of the propagandist rings.

What I truly do fear the precedent set by the ‘discussion’ question and felt quite uneasy as I was receiving a ‘run through’ of the materials. Brainwashed Boomer co-workers of course soaked it up, without seeing the slippery slope of teaching a ‘history’ lesson with racially-loaded premises. Having taught in inner-city schools, white suburban schools, and a blend of the two, the racial strife exhibited by our media simply is not there. No child deserves to get brainwashed-into violence or the victim of random, media-driven violence.

With EVERYTHING I have just stated, the best part about it all is how badly it misfires. Kids don’t care about history; it’s more so a fringe interest for some that becomes widespread as generations age. What this mandated-Holocaust teaching will do is make it the biggest laughingstock going; if it already isn’t. Everyone draws a line somewhere: I drew it at the incitement of race-based violence under the guise of “remembering the Holocaust”.

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