TheBullyList UN-OFFICIALLY Shutdown!!

The Site Known for Stopping “Bullying” (aka Doxing Children, Elderly, and Working Class Citizens) Goes DOWN


Good evening fellow trolls.  Although this is not “Breaking” News, we feel as though it is important to inform everyone about the removal of a true evil.

About a week ago, on our public Facebook Page, we declared “War” on a site that had previously been mocked by EVERYONE, tarnished, and dragged through the mud by trolls, TheBullyList.

As alluded to in our rather-lengthy heading, TheBullyList was active in the fight against perceived-bullying, if it fit their particular agenda.  While SOME posts they featured on their site would definitely teeter on the edge of “bullying”, the mere fact of the matter was that people’s lives were being impacted by the decisions of an unknown individual or group was an abuse of the Internet that raised red flags left-and-right.

Hell, even on their former homepage, they listed the fact that they “….got a Coca Cola Employee Fired” over something that was stated on the Internet.  If said “Bully List” really cared about stopping bullying, they would not parade their accomplishments around and wear it as a cheap badge of honor.  They would simply continue doing what they have been, since clearly SOMETHING worked….right?

Now…..for those who were able to see the monstrosity that was TheBullyList, you would have remembered that easily 90%+ of the posts were troll posts.  Let’s look at some examples below:


Ah, phew.  Thankfully, this bully was called-out.

And this one.  This is how EVERYONE speaks to each other.  ESPECIALLY Neo-Nazis!!

Don’t we all Jeremie??

Ooooh, now that one is…….well, rough.

Ignoring ol’ Chris’ last, clearly-personal, conversation with someone from his past, obvious trolls filled the page shortly after discovery.  Many of these posts were contained on their Facebook Page, which actually shut-down a week PRIOR to the actual site.  Check out the LAST screenshot I was able to grab of it:


The page was under attack by trolls everywhere, and then things RAMPED-UP upon the discovery of the cellphone number, name, e-mail address, etc., of TheBullyList SITE CREATOR!!  From there, we were able to spread the word through our public page.  Things were quiet for about a week, until a discovery by our very own Hobbs Brown himself, THIS picture:


The site creator was seemingly giving his last goodbyes to the Internet with this cryptic message.  As shown above, he clearly had his struggles with Facebook Public Pages, along with the fact that 2,500+ of our own spread the word.


Momentarily, it would appear that trolls have won “The Bully Wars”, a self-created title for the conflict that we believe fit best.  Although this particular saga is over, the fight against censorship, corruption, elitism, intolerance, and Western Sovereignty, is only continuing.




Trolls represent the last bastion of hope in an ever-changing world like we live-in.

Without them, we would probably be preparing for World War III under Hillary’s lead.  That’s something the country would have gotten behind.

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