“The Road Ahead” (2021 + Beyond)

GOOD EVENING (or whatever time you find yourself reading this) to our troll friends from across the world! It’s been a WHILE since we last posted, but we assure you that there has been a …

GOOD EVENING (or whatever time you find yourself reading this) to our troll friends from across the world! It’s been a WHILE since we last posted, but we assure you that there has been a lot going on “behind the scenes”. This won’t be that long, but we would like to ‘officially’ unveil our future ‘plans’ with regards to how this (and other) sites will be organized. Let’s get right into it:

1. ‘Separation’ of Content Between Blue Check University and Couch Pimps

This is easily the biggest announcement we have, as a decision has been made to create a clear separation between what the two sites cover. Due to Facebook Page bans, popularity of said pages, and the many we have created over the past three+ years, we often found it easier to just post ALL types of ‘content’ without any clear distinction. This was also during the time period where the ‘SJFL’ was active, forcing us to split page content among quite a few choices. Point being, it was a bit of a shit show, to say the very least. While all of this was going on, communication between admins and some of our earliest fans was not clear in any capacity. That’s perhaps the biggest regret of the past year that we have: the lack of communication between the ‘earliest members’.

The goal was never to make “Couch Pimps” a political entity. While we never once endorsed a candidate and made content on YouTube that endlessly bashed both political parties, the large amount of political postings/shares perhaps blurred these lines greatly. In reality, the goal was to use our ‘name’ to participate in “Meme War II” as opposed to starting anew and splitting time between accounts. The success of this idea became apparent on the VERY FIRST DAY of 2020, as our ‘Elaine Goldschmidt’ character shocked the Twitter world and forever changed the platform.


After this fiasco settled and all accounts associated were suspended, we made several other parody accounts that were varied by the attention they received. Between the accounts created at the end of January that included:

– “KobeCopter”
– “Coronavirus69”
– “DemandBlaction”
– “Premier Bloomberg”
– “Tonya Guterman”
– And a few others that may have slipped my mind…….

It became clear at the end of January: “socio-political” parody accounts that go for a sort-of “shock value” in their tweets, was the single most entertaining and effective way to “troll”. That was until “Commish” and his multiple iterations discovered what a Twitter “mudshark patrol” was (no, it is not violent in any way, shape, or form. These “patrols” were simply a bunch of people rolling-into Tweet Replies with repetitive memes/one-liners by design). Ok, back to the topic at hand.

Since 2020 was an INSANE year for us on social media, sometimes it was hard to sit and think clearly. The ambiguous content shared across several sites that included political drivel was far removed from what the group began as in the first place. Remember now, Couch Pimps was created to help the world purchase furniture at an affordable price, not help swing an election! That’s where Blue Check University comes into play. Given the convergence of Twitter, Politics, and the rising influence + awareness of the ‘Verified’ account, Blue Check U was simply the perfect choice to take on all POLITICAL Posts, Topics, etc.

Couch Pimps will see a return to its “roots” on Facebook, as we are hopeful to kickstart the live ‘couch auctions’ as soon as we can. Anything deemed ‘too political’ will instead be shared with Blue Check U’s page. Couch Pimps will also handle the ‘meme templates’ and ‘transparent characters’ that many have used to speed up their meme efficiency.

One last time before we move on, but we would like to apologize again to those following us from the beginning who were maybe a bit “confused” or “unsure” of the direction we were heading. The circumstances of 2020 lent themselves to social media shenanigans that we could hardly keep up with, making the ‘Couch Pimps’ Platform helpful for combining all content we accrued.

2. “Commish” Will Be “Retiring” From Twitter Dot Com…..

……in order to make room for the debut of his GOOD FRIEND “BCU President”! Everyone say hello to “Prez” who will be 100% BRAND NEW TO THIS WONDERFUL SITE!

“Prez” has been observing the wild world of Twitter Dot Com without having actually created an account yet, so he will be READY to go and will be EAGER to meet BRAND NEW friends of which he has NEVER met before. Beginning-Mid January is the goal, but as 2020 taught us, this can change in literally minutes. Regardless, Prez has been doing some research with his staff at Blue Check University.

We will update everyone on YouTube (quickest way at this point) when “Prez” will be debuting on Twitter dot com!

3. The Couch Pimps “Site Community” Will Be Open At Some Point in 2021.

Over the past 6 months, we have been experimenting with a site that will help us communicate in both a message board + a members chat format, in lieu of the numerous “Zuckings” and “Suspensions” on Twitter. You will be able to create an ‘anonymous’ account that allows you to post without signing up, but an account will (eventually) allow you to have a mini ‘profile’ that has tons of customizing options. Assuming all continue to goes well on this front, mid-2021 could be a reasonable goal. We have tried this several times in the past, with this attempt being the most deliberate and successful by far and already. Just check back here/on YouTube to see any updates in regards to this. You KNOW we’ll be hyping it up weeks in advance!

4. Check Out Our YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE!

At the risk of sounding like we’re ‘whining’, it appears as though the YouTube “election censors” are easing up their vice grip slowly but surely. Other channels far more successful than ours had complained about “Impressions” and “Engagement” plummeting, along with the obvious “Watch Time”, “Views”, and random “Subscriber Drops”. Spreading the word of our channel + subscribing will help us tremendously and would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to everyone who has done so and has contributed in our comment sections!

Couch Pimps on YouTube

5. Have a Happy and Safe New Year’s Holiday Celebration, Everyone!

2020 will go down in the history books for sure. Whether your 2020 was good, bad, terrible, or anywhere in between, work your hardest to make 2021 the BEST year you’ve ever had! Stay tuned on YouTube or our sites for up-to-date information about our latest adventures and other tidbits that we occasionally share. Have a good one everyone!

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