“Merchant Meme” Resource Center

Check out our DOWNLOADS PAGE for easy and convenient .ZIP files containing EVERYTHING you see below!

The place to download and use ANY of the site graphics and templates you see below! Take as many as you need + no credit needed.

Step 1: Pick Your ‘Story’

Using our THOUSANDS of stories, headlines, Blue Checkmark Tweets, Ratios, etc., found on Blue Check University’s Page, pick a few images that tend to follow a ‘pattern’ of sorts! You should be able to directly download or screenshot ANY image on our sites!

Here are some QUICK links for convenience:

Twitter Ratio Rankings

BCU Tweets

Headline Gallery

Campus Gallery


Step #2: Pick Your MERCHANT!

While we are not the original creators of ANY of these ‘Merchants’, we did go out of our way and make each image a BACKGROUND-FREE PNG, which has had its’ quality INCREASED using Photoshop Pro by roughly 2-3x the original size. They should keep their quality when you ‘shrink’ them to your needs!

Step 3: Pick Your ‘Wallpaper’

This step is obviously optional, but many find it hard to find a cool wallpaper or template to place a meme or graphic on! We made a few below and will continue to update them as we add more! (Note: our logo was added to avoid copyright issues with several Adobe Stock images; feel free to crop it out once downloaded.)

Step 4: Put it ALL Together

While some are quite adept with photo editing and collage making applications and software, some are on the opposite end of that spectrum…..which is OKAY!! By downloading any FREE Photo Editing/Collage Application on the App Store or Google Play (Pic Collage, InShot, and Photoshop Mix are great FREE options available on both platforms), you should be able to throw together a quick meme in a matter of seconds, using our PNG’s + your selection of headline or article!! Take a look at some of ours and be sure to share YOUR CREATIONS in the comments below!!

Take a look at some of ours and be sure to share YOUR CREATIONS in the comments below!!