Our NEXT Competition/Tournament of 2020 will be MUCH SIMPLER than the “Shit Take Tournament”: 2020’s MELTDOWN of the Year! This page will be used to update the clips that have made the “cut” for the FINAL VOTE, with a poll occurring 1 week before the END of 2020. Whenever new “nominees” are located, be sure to check HERE to see the latest and greatest rage. And yes, we are aware that the election + post election results will have some of the BEST meltdowns imaginable. We will be diligently adding clips that we see fit.

2020 Meltdown of the Year: Current Nominees

1. Trump Campaign E-mail Meltdown

2. “Borderlands Psycho”

3. “Why you should vote Biden…”

4. Gavin Newsom’s Climate Change Rage

5. RBG Meltdown Mid-Car Ride

6. “Feminist Rally” Ramblings

7. Ben Shapiro Gets MAD at Ice Cube Over Meme

8. Madonna Bathtub Rant

9. Ethan Klein Goes Off on “Simps”

10. Woman Gets Upset at Question

12. Woman Loses Job Over TikTok Joke

13. Eagles Fan is upset at ‘Jalen Hurts’ selection

14. Kenny Smith Walks Off-set

15. Woman gets upset at “heartbeat abortion” bill.

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