Introducing Couch Pimps “Sportsball”

Introducing Couch Pimps “Sportsball”

Good evening to trolls of all types all around the world! We are excited to bring everyone a quick announcement regarding a new ‘addition’ to our troll repertoire: Couch Pimps “Sportsball”. In what will be a new ‘section’ of our site located in the top menu, the “Sportsball” page will be used for exactly what it sounds like; troll posts and stories in the wide world of SPORTSBALL!

Why “Sportsball”?

While many of our earliest fans take an interest in casually viewing professional and college sports on TV, there is no doubt that the intersection with politics/social commentary began to get tiresome for EVERYONE. While sites like ‘Barstool Sports’ exist, they take a far-too sophomoric approach to what ultimately amounts to a bunch of grown men playing a game. We felt as though our ‘coverage’ would appeal to the disillusioned sports fans who have the ability to casually view and follow, while simultaneously making fun of the entire concept of “Sportsball”. Not to mention the fact that trolling fanbases, comment sections, and other sports-related entities on social media is simply TOO MUCH FUN to resist. Take this one for example:

It’s something that’s light-hearted, easy to do, and has the potential for HILARIOUS results. It’s also fun to hold supposed ‘experts’ accountable for their wrong opinions, outlandish predictions, and otherwise foolish statements that they post on social media. Take Max Kellerman:

We’ll be tinkering with the “Sportsball” Section over the next few weeks as we get submissions and locate old posts and material and NOTHING will change with regards to what we’ve been doing/plan on doing. This will simply be another wrinkle in our ‘troll repertoire’ that will be entertaining for EVERYONE; even those who vehemently against Sportsball! Stay tuned for more updates across the board on this site, our YouTube Channel, and on Blue Check University, as we enter the 2nd month (already!) of 2021!

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