Cringe of the Year 2020”: Current Nominees

Good evening to the most tolerant fans in the world! Your Commissioner here with an update on something vaguely alluded-to throughout 2020…….the “Cringe of the Year” Competition!! Now clearly it is way too soon in 2020 to decide who our winner is or even begin voting, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find nominations throughout the year!

What we decided is to nominate videos as we go…..meaning if a clip is deemed ‘cringe enough’, it will automatically qualify for the FINAL round of voting in LATE DECEMBER! Now keep in mind that we have indeed seen a lot of awfulness throughout the years. For a clip to ‘qualify’ for the Final Round, it would have to be something TRULY SPECIAL. We will show you the current nominations as it stands, with the videos listed below each name. You will hopefully see what it takes to be in this group of ‘automatic qualifiers’. Get your disposable masks on before proceeding.

The Nominations (so far)…

1. Woman Virtue Signals With Outkast Lyrics

We don’t fully know the context of this situation, but we do know that it was hard to watch all the way through.

2. Dan Crenshaw’s “Cringe-troduction”

For those who actively pay attention to Establishment Republican Twitter, you would know that this man is their dream candidate for 2024. Possessing a mysteriously-obtained wound from an ‘IED Explosion’ that ONLY damaged his eye, Dan Crenshaw would deliver the TRUE, Israel-First, agenda that so many Republicans crave! The first step, of course, to getting to the Presidency includes a cringey video introduction from Turning Point USA, the Republican equivalent of the liberal rag “Occupy Democrats”.

3. UK Cops’ Coronavirus Idea

Struggling to keep their immigrant population from violating quarantine rules, the United Kingdom is lucky to have police forces throughout the country that are so INNOVATIVE! None more so than this group below, who went above the call of duty to keep their community safe.

4. Newsman Reports From the “Battle of Boomer Hill”

When faced with mass closures due to Coronavirus Quarantines, this brave news anchor managed to fight tyranny while covertly meeting with his barber. Not all heroes wear capes.

5. Madonna’s Bathtub Soliliquoy

Another celebrity short on attention and adrenochrome, Madonna took a much different approach to the “Cringe of the Year” than our other nominations.

6. Elizabeth Warren’s SNL Dance

In fairness to Chief Warren, she wasn’t nearly as bad at dancing you would have thought. Now it was only a quick Tik Tok, so we went ahead and extended the clip for our entertainment. (Note: actual finalist was the original clip)

6. Ethan Klein’s Response to the “iDubbz Controversy”

7. Zio-Cringe Kid Rants About ‘Conservatism’

8. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Boyfriend Tackle Racism ‘As a White Person’

9. Guy Responds to “109 Countries” Argument

10. D List Celebrities Sing John Lennon While Quarantined

11. Shell Gasoline’s “International Women’s Day” Tribute

12. TPUSA’s “AmericaFest” Advertisement

13. Coherent Feminist Rant


Welp……those are what we have so far! Please note that this is NOT anywhere close to the end nor are we setting any deadline on clips (except before December 31st, 2020), so if you have ANY submissions, please be sure to share them with us!

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