Community Updates: 2/22

Community Updates: 2/22

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, to our ‘fellow trolls’ from across the world. We have a BIG announcement to make, pertaining to how we will operate our ‘Community’ going forward. Quite simply, this will be the site where ALL other ‘communities’ will link to. For a variety of reasons, we felt that this would be easiest to keep track of and build our community!

For those unaware, we currently operate 4 websites total, not including our YouTube Channel, SoundCloud Page, Telegram Accounts, and other social media sites we have been promptly banned from. They include:

Blue Check University

The Social Justice Football League


You can Sign-Up using the link here to have access for each site ‘Forum’ within the Community! We only require a username and password (with e-mail to confirm). When you are ready, go ahead and introduce yourself or make a post in our Community Forums!

Journalist Fail of the Year Update

We also need to hear YOUR VOICE to determine the 2019 Journalist FAIL of the Year! Because of Zuckings, unexpected Twitter Suspensions, and other factors, we were unable to complete the voting before the end of 2019. Thus, we have extended voting to the END of FEBRUARY!!!

SJFL Logo Selection

We also need your help in narrowing-down our SJFL Inaugural Season Team Logos! By choosing 10 logos of the choices below, you help us out GREATLY!!

Lastly, Blue Check University’s ‘Major Selection Quiz’

Blue Check University has created a tool that is VERY USEFUL for both current and prospective students. The ‘Major Quiz’ will ask you a series of 10 Questions that are wide-ranging in content, formulating a program of ours that we feel is the BEST FIT for you! Try it out below!

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