“An Oligopoly on Division”: How CNN Lied About Elaine Goldschmidt

“An Oligopoly on Division”: How CNN Messed Up the ‘Elaine Goldschmidt’ Story

Dedicated to those Doxed, Misidentified, Slandered, Defamed, or Shamed by the Mainstream Media. Now, we get to laugh at their demise.


We were the ones behind the Elaine Goldschmidt Twitter account.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s talk more about the debacle that was “Elaine Goldschmidt”; an innocent, Queer, Latina Jewish Female who was scared for her life after anti-semitic attacks.

CNN actually pays people to make this graphic. We would have done it for free.

Naturally, Elaine was a bit concerned for the safety of her community, culminating in this Tweet below, which sent “shockwaves” throughout Twitter.

Image result for elaine goldschmidt

Suffice to say, Elaine caused some trouble on Twitter. But to have CNN write an article about her? This was next-level hilarious, if not absurdly pathetic. This is going to be our focus of the day: the CNN Article by ‘Donie O’Sullivan’.

The Falsehoods

Again…..we were the creators of the Elaine Goldschmidt account. We said the “nigger” word in a public forum and are highly approachable about the matter. Without context anyway, the word is merely a fun combination of phonetical sounds.

Let’s go ahead and “Fact Check” this CNN Article by ‘Donie’, as we can offer both a first-hand account AND can actually elaborate on the areas ‘Donie’ either left vague or outright lied about. We will break it down by section.

Lie #1: The ‘4Chan Premise

Trolls on the online forum 4chan celebrated on New Year’s Day as a fake Twitter (TWTR) account seeking to stoke tensions between Jewish and black Americans amid a string of anti-Semitic attacks in New York provoked outrage. Even as the trolls celebrated, the account went unchecked by Twitter for hours despite dozens of users saying they reported the account to the social media company.


We have never once been on ‘4Chan’ nor did we team up with them to create this account. I’m literally a school teacher who enjoys irritating the media and Blue Checkmarks alike.

Not only that, but the logical fallacies contained in the quote above transcend reasonable discussion. They literally were on an unrelated forum, recording the reactions, and created the association between the two.

Next level dishonesty, Donie.

Lie #2: “Twitter Does Nothing Against Hate”

The incident is more evidence of how trolls work to increase racial division in the US. It also raises questions about Twitter’s commitment to combating hate on its platform and how quickly it will respond to fake accounts seeking to stoke such divisions during an election year.


I figured this one would come up, so I literally went out of my way to call a Jewish male, Yair Rosenberg, a “nigger” to prove a point.

I used the “nigger” word approximately 10+ times.

I was not banned by Twitter until I used the term in the direction of a Jewish Male, which resorted in a ban not long after.

Given the following:

– An Open Jewish Woman calling people “Nigger”
– A suspension after calling a Jewish male a “Nigger”

I would 100% argue that Twitter needs to rethink their commitment to stopping hate; just not in the areas CNN thinks it should be.

Lie #3: “Attacks Were ‘Tactics Used to Parody Liberals”

Elaine Goldschmidt literally called a black man a “nigger” in a direct, unrelated reply. If I was trying to parody a “liberal”, I did an awful job at it. This was a parody of a typical Northeastern, Racist, Jewish Woman. The harsh language was tough even for me to use, but someone had to make a point.

As a saying goes, “…if you can’t make fun of someone, you can’t make fun of anyone”.

CNN’s flawed logic implied one of two things with this wording:

A. All Jews are in fact liberals (highly incorrect, with the exception of border security)


B. “Nigger” and “Liberal” are synonymous, with today’s ‘liberals’ being actual, and open, ‘racists’.

Lie #4: ‘4Chan Is a Hotbed of Online Hate’

We’ve already discussed how 4Chan’s lack of involvement in this operation makes the entirety of this article fallacious in logic. So technically speaking, everything Donie goes on to say after his first premise is ‘invalid’.

For the sake of shaming a guy who literally attended University to study the very thing I am doing on the side + way better than him, we will bring up specifics a few more times.

“Online Hate” is a subjective term. Especially after the examples CNN has given, one could argue that a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate that has existed for decades by feasting on societal divisions planted by their own flawed and narrow worldviews, is slightly more “hateful” than an online forum or a parody of a Jewish woman calling people of all colors “nigger”.

That’s just me, however. Donie went to school to study this stuff, so he probably knows better.

Lie #5: “Twitter is Doing Nothing to Prevent Fake Accounts”

This one comes more from the “Black British Jew” from above, Jessica, who implied Twitter has done nothing to stop this:

I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but here comes a spirited defense of Twitter.

With all due respect, Jessica:

You are a literal nobody. Not to say we are anything of relevance whatsoever, but more so to inform Jessica that nobody cares about her opinions.

It’s not just us; take a look at this “Blue Checkmark, Black + Jewish Journalist” profile.

23 THOUSAND Tweets with 5,391 Followers. Elaine, another Jewish Queer like Jessica, accumulated 1/6 of her total followers in just over 1 day of existence.

To bring it all back, I’ll give an analogy. This is like Mitchell Trubisky, Quarterback of the Chicago Bears, calling the NFL unfair because another Quarterback signed an endorsement deal with something he’s allergic to. Not my best, but you get the picture.

Twitter deals with millions of people like me (and Jessica) per day. For Jessica to give Twitter an evaluative assessment based upon her opinions and low-engagement total; all over a troll calling someone a “nigger” (no context whatsoever); it may be an evaluative assessment of HER!!

Not to mention, do they have any idea how many lines of security Twitter has?

I have more fake phone numbers than Jessica has with her actual engagement total. You owe Elaine a huge thanks on the CNN appearance, Queen.

Lie #6: Kvetching Over Twitter Semantics

While Twitter did suspend the account hours later, the company’s initial decision was especially striking because, in an earlier email to Morgan, the company told her that it would have a “person on our support team” review the tweet, suggesting it was subject to more rigorous review than simply automation and artificial intelligence and still was not taken down.


This one isn’t as much of a “lie” as it is poor rhetoric. I used to tutor those who didn’t speak English as a first language, and rhetoric was always a struggle for them. Not to imply anything about Donie beyond his atrocious rhetorical structure, but my god this is next-level bad.

Thinking back to the previous point, ‘the company’ didn’t ‘tell’ Jessica anything. It’s literally an automated message to all ‘reporters’. The delusions of grandeur from those who most have never heard about until yesterday is certainly impressive, if not laughably pathetic and misleading, implying there is some sort of ‘relationship’ between a Black Jewish Nobody and a top 5 largest social media site on earth.

Then this:

‘”person on our support team” review the tweet, suggesting it was subject to more rigorous review’…


Donie……are you serious guy? Let’s break it down.

Ignore the awful semantical argument of “person”, as Donie seems to live in a world where everything is taken literally.

HOW in the HELL did you interpret that to be “more rigorous” if the initial decision hadn’t even been made yet? “More” is also a flexible adverb/adjective that implies there are 2 variables in question.

So what were you comparing it to, exactly?

A ‘normal’ report?

Couldn’t be, because your implications above show a lack of experience with Twitter ‘reports’.

A previous report?

Ah, no, because we didn’t have the results at that point.

And Lastly:

simply automation and artificial intelligence and still was not taken down.


As we’ve said, Jessica should become more important before she starts kvetching about kvetching over words she doesn’t like.

Lie #7: ‘Deliberately Choosing’ a ‘Scottish Activist’ as Elaine’s Profile Picture

The profile picture showed Janey Godley, a comedian based in Glasgow, Scotland. Godley told CNN Business Thursday that she has been the target of 4chan trolls as a result of her activism — she said she has experienced a significant uptick in online harassment since she began protesting against President Donald Trump when he was a candidate in 2016.

“It was very basically clear they were using my image, they were using anti-Semitic and racist words,” she told CNN Business, describing Twitter’s initial inaction as “unbelievable.”


I’ll be honest with you guys. Had I known such a person existed outside of the realm I ‘knew’ her, I would’ve made an account trolling this woman ages ago.

Truth be told, I chose this woman for two reasons.

#1. I was digging and found THIS classic on my phone; an actual Tweet from ‘Janey’ that instantly ‘clicked’ in my mind as Elaine’s profile picture.

Image result for janey godley immigrant tweet

#2. I could smell the odor of cat piss and Marlboro Lights exuding from the image

So, no, Donie…….I was unaware of this woman’s previous “activism” efforts. I wish I was, however, as I could have done a lot more damage. Oh by the way, here’s her Twitter Profile Picture:

Janey Godley

Lie #8: Janey Didn’t ‘Authorize Her Photo’

Donie, how many times can your lazy and generic premises STILL end up being wildly incorrect, before realizing ‘Journalism’ isn’t for you?

Assume we DID need ‘authorization’ of that photo of Janey; did Janey apply the filter to the photo and eventually crop it?

Oh, so it wasn’t “her” photo, then. What about using her “likeness”?

Oh, the account was a blatant parody called “Elaine Goldschmidt”? So it wasn’t “her” likeness.

But the photo had to have been private/unauthorized by Janey, right?

Oh, it was taken directly from her Twitter account, on a Tweet SHE made.

So tell us, Donie…..and be specific. What authorizations did we need from Janey before calling people “Niggers” under the “Elaine Goldschmidt” Account?

Lie #9: “Made-up 4Chan Quote”

“They’re a f***ing hero, and they’ve been going for hours. It’s incredible,” one 4chan user commented. “


Like we’ve said, we have never participated in the 4Chan Community. That makes the placement of this quote by CNN both funny and confusing.

I remember many of the comments on Twitter and not a single one resembled this. Not only that, but you will not find evidence of the quote ANYWHERE via Google Search.

So this quote:

a. Wasn’t from 4chan

b. Wasn’t Real

Considering the general nature of the quote at hand, it sounds VERY believable to the “Boomer Passerby” while avoiding ‘damning’ claims to be blatantly called out.

Lie #10: Racial + Cultural Division by ‘Russian Troll Bots of 2016’

Seeking to exacerbate racial and cultural divisions is a common aim of online trolls. In 2016, the Russian government-linked trolls who posed as Americans on opposing sides of political issues frequently targeted African Americans with their messaging, for instance.


Did Donie just imply that Jews are a race 🙂 ???

Ignoring this, it’s WILD to see CNN still running with the “Russia Troll” Narrative. Let’s think for a second….

Why would “Russian Trolls” act like “Americans” for the purposes of “Attacking African Americans”? Have you seen “Meanwhile In Russia” or looked at the Socio-Economics and studied the Oligarchal-Power-Struggle?

What seems to be this common denominator of CNN calling out “trolls”?

It’s of course, “African Americans”, and the very ‘control’ of them. “Russia” and “4Chan” provide excellent sources of “cover” for MSM ‘Journalists’, as using the terms used to be a “Cop Out” in rational discussion.

Especially when you don’t want to fathom the thought of the African American Community finding out what you have done + pawned off onto Wyppo.

LAST ‘Lie’ #11: Yair Rosenberg

Yair Rosenberg, a journalist who has tracked anti-Semitism and online trolling, summed up the situation in a tweet Wednesday, “The white supremacists on Twitter are doing what they regularly do, especially in the wake of tragedy: impersonating minorities to sow hatred and pit them against each other. Right now, we’re seeing fake Jews saying anti-black things. As ever, this is on @Twitter to deal with.”


Yair Rosenberg is well-known on Twitter for stomping-out “Anti-semitism”, among other things. Imagine being a “journalist” who “tracks antisemitism and trolling” yet being SO BAD at it.

Notice how each spirited attack on Elaine’s Language has included some type of quip regarding “racial tensions” between groups. Not only is this tacky, but it’s telling.

Genuine concern for the African American Community wouldn’t have anything to do with Judaism’s relationship to it, as literally NO other group of people lives a positive life while simultaneously brokering racial tensions in peaceful nations.

And remember what I said Elaine got suspended for earlier?

Ah….yes. It wasn’t my faux, racially charged attack against a black guy (from a Jewish Female) that caused the ban. It was my un-racially charged use of a word against a Jewish Blue Checkmark that got the ban.

Other Tidbits and Notes

As I wrap up this long post, let me address some other points during this ordeal that were enlightening or interesting to me, but didn’t quite fit in the Framework of the CNN article.

– Mass Reporting is indeed in violation of Twitter Terms of Service, so while the Blue Checkmarks were kvetching over a bad word, they were violating rules of their own.

– This entire ordeal was unexpected to me. My delivery in spots could have been better, but my thought process was “There are thousands of people reporting……..my time is limited”. With hindsight and with knowledge of the account’s “shelf life”, I would have ‘spaced out’ the more absurd Tweets to maximize impact.

– On a few occasions, (((they))) clicked on the “Forgot My Password” section of Elaine’s account, to attempt to see the phone number in use. I knew this after I received several emails informing me on how to “reset my password” in the literal heat of the moment. Luckily, I was on my 10th or 11th fake number for Elaine’s account.

– I still receive Notifications from the initial Tweet that caused the storm. Many are celebrating over the suspension “at last”, bragging over their efforts to “take down” someone who literally said “nigger” in a Tweet.


Before I wrap this post up, I would like to take this time to issue an “apology” of sorts. Given the circumstances and nature of an event like Elaine Goldschmidt, it will seem pretty intense on the surface. The MSM will of course label people involved with this, taking (literally) everything out of context and compounded by misinformation.

The truth of the matter is, the MSM is NOT an “every day” American. They do not live American lives nor do they interact with Americans on a daily basis. They live in a dichotomous, elitist culture, which seeks to “cancel” those who are not in line. They don’t understand the difference between a “Shitposter” and actual, structural problems in society; using inflammatory methods such as ‘doxing’ to bridge the gap in place of this lacking knowledge.

They will try to spin an isolated troll attack as a coordinated push on “4Chan” to “cause division”, all while ignoring the societal division and damage they themselves have caused over the years.

They LOVE free speech; until you call out the Jewish abuse of the African American Community using a brash satirical account. Then it becomes HATE SPEECH.

Here in 2020, we must honor Elaine’s memory removing the most powerful tool from the media: selective interpretation of language.

Are you a Black guy criticizing a White guy on Twitter? Try calling him a “Nigger”.

What about that annoying White Chick who keeps virtue signaling for more refugees in your cash-strapped state? Call her a “spick”.

Is an Indian guy being extra annoying? Call him a “Jew”.

As the media has slowly taught us, words simply can not be interpreted without their modern-day connotations. This is fine; just be prepared to play.

In the face of “labels” thrown at you by the media/Blue Checkmarks, no matter who you are, simply wear them with pride. As we saw with JK Rowling, there is NOTHING you can do to appease the media and media heads alike. As we saw with Charlie Kirk (a supposedly “Conservative” guy), these labels will eventually be used AGAINST you. When you wear ALL labels, you wear NONE; and the media can’t stand that.

While it may seem like there’s no end in sight for media division among the masses, it’s actually happening before our very eyes. Between live-streaming sites bludgeoning the television cable providers, #NNN putting a permanent dent in certain pockets; as well as masterpieces like Taylor Swift’s “Cats” Rendition, exposures of Epstein Island, and violent Twitter Ratios, our Elites are losing money faster than ever before. Thanks to the Information Age and growth of the internet, we have flipped the script in certain areas as well.

Elites are panicking and Elaine Goldschmidt gave us a small glimpse of this. As a ‘favorite’ of the Blue Checkmarks once said:

“We only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.”

Adolf Hiter, in reference to proposed invasion of the Soviet Union.

So……with all of that being said……we have one last thing to say.

To CNN, ‘Donie O’Sullivan’, and the rest of the Mainstream Media/Blue Checkmark Troglodytes who seek to divide America racially for their own gain:

You are stupid Niggers.

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