2019 Journalist FAIL of the YEAR: CHAMPION

We have FINALLY crowned a winner of our 2019 Journalist FAIL of the Year…….months into 2020! But due to unforeseen craziness on the part of 2020, we hope this lateness is acceptable. Thus….we won’t waste any time breaking down the winner outside of one choice comment. Let’s get to it!!

2019 Journalist FAIL of the Year Winner…..


We have adjusted the CHAMPION’s SJFL Trading Card to reflect the HUGE an UNEXPECTED VICTORY!

Champion Breakdown

When compared to the other 3 Finalists in the Journalist FAIL of the Year of 2019, Amanda Marcotte’s brilliance requires the LEAST amount of explanation behind it. While “Hallmark Movies Are Fascist Propaganda” lacked the ‘shock value’ of the ‘Burger King Insemination’, the ‘illegality’ of PinkNews’ ‘People Think We’re Father and Son’, and the low-level intellect of “Was I Right to Call the Cops on a Black Guy Breaking Into My Car”, it had something that NONE of the other pieces could contend with. It’s the little things that determine a champion………

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